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Tuning on 35mm

It isn't every day you get to utilize a camera responsible for movies you see on the big screen for personal use, but when we came across an opportunity to use one of RED Cinema's newer cameras, the Dragon, matched with a full set of Cooke S4 cinema prime lenses, we had no choice but to accumulate as much footage as we possibly could of Realize in action. Coincidentally, that weekend we were scheduled for a private tuning session at Willow Springs' Balcony course with John's Altezza which was suffering minor engine management gremlins. 

The night before, however, we set out into the night world of Los Angeles to grab some quick shots of the cars cruising the city. It's always a treat to drive your drift car on city streets as onlookers gawk in disbelief. Rest assured, they're probably just wondering why people would drive such silly cars in public, but to us it's still amusing.

That Saturday morning, we were hit with rain in the Los Angeles basin, and though our one hundred mile trip to the desert came with high hopes for dry conditions at the track, we were met with the disappointment of light precipitation there as well. Not ideal for tuning. Regardless, we looked at it from an optimistic viewpoint and saw it as an opportunity for an infinite amount of runs in regards to tire wear limitations.