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Desert Shakedowns

Tuning continues on the Altezza!

Desert Shakedowns

Being such an unconventional chassis for drifting, John’s IS300 has been receiving substantial suspension tuning at Willow Spring’s Balcony, a small local test skid pad. After hours of tuning to figure out the engine management issues the car was undergoing, we finally had the ability to focus on the suspension handling and drivability. Having only a half day booked on the race track, we quickly got on the track and started taking notes on what changes we’d like to make during the day.

It was clear right away from watching John come around the first two corners that the car wasn’t very easy to drive; it almost looked like a constant battle to keep the car from rapidly spinning out. Short wheel base issue? Probably not, considering the Altezza’s wheelbase is nothing alarming. We brought the car back in and started to take a gander at the current suspension settings. Right off the bat, the coilovers had a noticeable amount of pre-load set. We immediately set the pre-load to zero and made some damper adjustments and sent the car back out.