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Final Bout: Part 2

Part 2 of our Final Bout coverage is on the blog!

Engine Fails & Heart Breaks

In July, we hosted a small invitational event called Spirit of Japan specifically for cars with proper Japanese styling. For us, it was meant to be a bit of a shakedown day in preparation for Final Bout. Unfortunately, neither John's Altezza nor Teddy's R32 were completed in time, thus leaving only Chuck and Gary to practice some tandem runs. 

Halfway through the morning, though, we started noticing some smoke billowing out from Gary's exhaust. Suspicious it may just be the turbo, Gary figured he'd rebuild it when we got back and just run the car anyway. These were some of the first runs since his brand new SR had been placed back into it's respective place in the engine compartment.

It only took a few laps to realize something far worse was up; a blown engine. The day was ended very short for Gary and at this point, making it to Final Bout in Shawano, WI by late August wasn't looking so good. The car is now receiving a new heart in hopes of being back up for winter testing; hopefully with a line up of 4 cars by then.