Spirit of Japan Favorites

Beating the Heat

Here are just a few of our favorite shots from Spirit of Japan this past Sunday!

 photo 10458551_689373977798226_6497805362740490388_n_zps4182de6f.jpg

 photo 23_zpsc6a54306.jpg

 photo 10511099_689373531131604_8830421445116804391_n_zpsdcddcfa1.jpg

 photo 10517960_689373801131577_3022484559550789096_n_zps3df12a97.jpg

 photo 10513337_689377647797859_3300660381295773278_n_zps786f2c4e.jpg

 photo ChuckInsanity_zps35778f28.jpg

 photo 10464292_689372654465025_7016810890601266687_n_zps4b1129d7.jpg

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