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Anyone who’s anyone knows this past weekend was at long last the time of Final Bout, easily the most anticipated and exciting grassroots drifting event to be held since the days of the REAL All Star Bash events when Brian Harte was still running things. Back in those days, All Star Bash was an invitational event resulting in a golden era of great looking American drift cars. Ever since Brian’s lack of presence in ASB’s organization, it has seen a rapid decline in attendance of cars who’s style sacrifices function and has seen a steady increase in cars who’s function sacrifices all style; a harsh and sad reality.

Now, 5 years after the last invitational, Final Bout has re-lit the fire for those who had lost hope in North America’s drifting community. The teams that showed up to USAIR in Shawano, Wisconsin showed off builds that were nothing short of spectacular and with a little added rain, it truly felt like we were at a track in Japan walking through pits full of stylish cars.

The other amazing part of Final Bout was the human aspect; and this is something that anyone who was present can agree with. Many of the drivers (and spectators) who attended were people who I had personally been dying to meet but only knew through internet platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. To finally put a face to all of these names and cars was phenomenal. People I’d never met in person immediately felt like family and hugs were being thrown out left and right. I forget who said it on Facebook but the statement, “Meeting everyone at Final Bout was like meeting your distant cousins for the first time,” was probably the best way to explain it.

Anyhow, I won’t go on a tangent here and I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves! Enjoy part 1!

Kou’s incredible Amemiya FC3S. It was like I was standing in the Fuji Speedway parking lot.

Kou FC3S Front
Kou’s Amemiya FC3S sits modestly in the spectator lot.

Kou Rear Diffuser

Kou's FC3S side

Kou's FC3S Brides 1

Kou's FC3S Interior
Two red Bride Zeta II completed this period perfect FC.

Bloodrunner. Anybody who’s been around long enough knows who s0apgun is. Well this team was that of none other than Max (s0apgun) and Tony (MidwestMyriad). I’m very sorry I never formally met the driver of the PS13 but all 3 of these cars were on point and the best part is that nobody even knew they were going to show up (and show off).

Another one of my favorites.. well actually I really can’t say that. All of these cars were absolutely top notch and I’m not exaggerating when I say they were all my favorites. But I digress. The Street Dancer S14 was nothing short of stellar.


Street Dancer S14 3

Bosstown boys looked rad out there. I was legitimately bummed that Roy’s Cressida was suffering transmission issues and he didn’t get much seat time.

Roy in Pits 2

Kevin Bosstown 180SX

Chob’s Aristo was just out of this world. He also suffered some technical issues throughout the weekend, unfortunately.

Chob Aristo Pits

I gotta say, the Proceed livery and theme is awesome online but I mean it when I say you MUST see it in person. If you have any doubt about the look but haven’t seen it with your own eyes, do not be quick to judge. I love that these dudes follow the rose petal theme all the way.

Chob Interior

Chob Rose Petals

Josh also blew his engine on Saturday. Major bummer there.


Josh 180SX Fans

Right next door to the Proceed pit was Drift Team Animal Style. These dudes put me at a loss for words and made me hugely regret not being present with the team. They just nailed it big time. Hert in the middle was having shitty issues all weekend which kept him from driving which was too bad.

Animal Style Julian S14

Animal Style Engine Talk
Teams gather around to gawk at Julian Jacobs’ recently completed S14.

Although I do have a strong dislike for V8 cars for the most part, seeing a car like Hert’s made me realize what I hate even more is shit boxes with crap sounding V8s. This guys FC is super clean and the turbo keeps the car relatively quiet.

Animal Style Pits
Hert struggles to fix an alternator issue.

One person who surprised the shit out of me was Ryan Kado, current Formula Drift contender. I thought this dude was gonna show up in his FD car (yuck city) but instead came with this outrageously awesome RB powered S13 with immense style. Holy shit. Another “favorite” at this event.

Ryan Kado's 180SX was finished last minute for the weekend.
Ryan Kado’s 180SX was finished last minute for the weekend.

Teams like Opposite Line were in a mad dash to get their signature vinyl scheme on the sides of their cars at the last minute, but un-forecast rain showers made the task impossible.

Derek Vinyls Car
Derek Slyter of Opposite Line frantically tries to rush his vinyl before the rain starts again.

The only AE86 chassis at the event belonged D*Squad’s Ryan McClure. This thing has a sick 3S BEAMS in it.

Ryan McClure AE86
Ryan McClure awaits the rest of D*Squad for another practice run.

Ryan's 3SGE Beams was music to the crowd's ears all weekend long.

Risky Devil’s WRX reminded me of Team Orange and to see one drifting is a pretty rare sight.

Risky Devil WRX
Risky Devil had five cars with identical red paint.

Infamous internet troll, Jake Possemato’s S14 was one of the lowest cars at the event. These dudes were driving under the name, Tracker. Like Geo Tracker. Brilliant.

Jake's S14 Pits

Jake S14 Profile

Jake S14 on Track

I think I only got a chance to snap a single pic of ShaDynasty. These dudes were pure talent and borderline crazy for drifting these classics so close to a wall.

ShaDynasty Corolla

Last but not least is this quick snap of a Breaking car entering the event on Saturday. The guys brought a NASCAR inspired S14 that I thought looked pretty sweet. Something must be wrong with me.

Breaking S13

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    Jake’s s14 used to belong to Chob right? and I can’t believe soapgun actually finished his car somewhat lol. If I didn’t have a wedding to go to, I would’ve came out man.

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    Emerson Finepants

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    Yes, and also yes. I hope you saved me some wedding cake.

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    David Lindauer

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    Amazing coverage of an amazing event and even more amazing cars. This is as real as it gets. I see plenty more of this happening if we have anything to do with it.

    Great job, wish I could have made it out there. Instead, I bought a turbo.

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    Tier Dolo

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    I’m super sad for not going right now (before reading this awesome post)

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    Tier Dolo

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    Now I’m heart broken.

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    no HotBoyzzz?

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    Carl Scholl

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    I just regained faith in American drifting. I thought it was a completely lost cause by now

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    My God, cars are crazy, pics are dope!

    And by the way, the internet has seen s0ap’s whip before 😉

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