180SX Ikeya Formula Full Kit


Do you spend hours on Zilvia.net feeling inadequate? Feel like turning your 240SX into a Sileighty was a terrible mistake? Do you ever sit in front of your television set and watch King Koguchi make the same freeway pull over and over again?

Well we have got just the solution for YOU! Do not be fooled by this body kit produced by Ikeya Formula, it is not purely cosmetic but will also instantly push your engine back into the engine compartment about 3 meters. The smell of JDM cigarettes will fill the cabin of your instantly legendary early 90s sports automobile.

If this doesn’t get 5 Koguchi ratings, hell, we don’t know what will.




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180SX-Koguchi180Green-2This purchase includes the full 6 piece fiberglass Ikeya Formula body kit including front bumper, rear valence, side skirts and door add-ons. This is original make, not a replica!

Front and rear bumpers are 9/10 quality with maybe minor blemishes, sideskirts did suffer cracks in shipping from Japan but are easily repairable. Door add-ons are 10/10.

Hey all! The store is currently down as we are integrating a new shopping interface. We hope to have it back up very soon! Thanks!