180SX Uras Type S Kit


If you clicked this link, chances are you are a true tuner. You love underglow, lambo doors, and strobe lights. 10″ tachometers are your thing. Nobody can rock those headrest TV sets quite like you can.

And that is why, YOU are a part of the elite. This Uras Type S kit is a tribute to everything you stand for. Does everyone hate it? Yes. Does that mean you shouldn’t make this guilty pleasure of yours a reality? Hell to the no, dude.

This gets 4 Koguchi ratings.




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post-48342-12947237234893This body kit is a “replica” knockoff of the notorious Type S kit produced by Uras in Japan. The fitment is not perfect as is to be expected. Front and rear bumper fitment is 8/10, sideskirts fitment is 6/10 as they will need some work.

For the time being, we are offering local pick up on this on this item.

Weight 50.00 lbs

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