Evo CP9 Ganador Mirror


Everyone knows that proper tuner cars with OEM side mirrors are in fact not proper tuner cars. And there is no better mirror in the world than Ganador Super Mirrors. I mean, holy hell, they actually call them SUPER for a reason, people.

These mirrors fit any CP9 chassis! For you dummies out there, that’s Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V and VI! Or put them on your Mirage… Dope!

4 star Koguchi rating for Ganadors, yay!




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These Ganador mirrors are brand new, never mounted, ever!!! Seriously. New.

These powered mirrors have the clear lenses, not the blue ones. Sorry! They even come with installation instructions if ya need em, but let’s face it, if you need instructions on how to install side mirrors, you probably shouldn’t be buying these.


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